The Like Machine

Create the data you need with the push of a button

A button. It’s simplicity is deceptive.
A simple push can:

  • Gather ratings & reviews.
  • Share information on new products
  • Make shoppers aware of current promotions
  • Get direct feedback with a brief survey
  • Provide shoppers an incentive

Gather info, share info, or do both!

With The Like Machine®, you build the conversation you
want to have with your shopper.

Every brand has a voice. You likely even have a mobile app. Our engine can be simply layered in so you can harness the power of approval in your locations.

Data here, data there, data everywhere. Simple integration allows the data you create with The Like Machine® to be integrated with CRM systems, POS data and other syndicated data sets.

Flexible real-time reporting allows you to see results on your terms. View national, regional or single location responses & trends.

Any one can push messages on your shoppers and gather data.
We help you

Converse with your shopper

Create data

To solve your problems

By location


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