The Like Machine


Getting started

We provide you with Like Machines to put in the places where you want to find out if local shoppers “Like” it.

  • At the shelf with a product.
  • In the front of the store.
  • Near the checkout area.
  • By customer service.

Shoppers share their opinion

Shoppers push the “Like” button to easily share their approval with the local community.

Offline social proof starts adding up as The Like Machine® counter shows the total number of “Likes.”


From offline to online

The Like Machine® features Bluetooth Smart technology designed to gather data, push it to the cloud, and interact with shoppers through your mobile app.


Engage with Shoppers

You can start engaging with local shoppers on their smartphone right after the “Like” button is pushed.

  • Send a coupon.
  • Say thank you.
  • Do surveys.
  • Share rewards.

Real-time data and results

All of your data and engagements available to see through easy-to-understand dashboards.

Use these insights to carry conversations over to social media channels, and support your sales and marketing initiatives at a local and national level.

Total “Likes”

from Local Shoppers So Far


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