The Like Machine

The Numbers Keep Growing


Over 19M “Likes” since January 2015.


Nearly 17,000 hours in front of brands.


6 – 10% average net lift and incremental revenue.

Increased Sales: Laundry Category

Net Full Category Sales Lift: 1.57%

Net Lift for Promoted Products: 2% – 9%

Over $300.00 in incremental product moved per store


Who: Leading Laundry Care Manufacturer

What: Drive sales 

Where: 700+ grocery stores

When: 2 months

How: Like Machines were placed in front of 6 branded products within the laundry care aisle asking shoppers for their feedback. Feedback from over 815,000 shoppers drove an incremental 792 hours in laundry care aisles and increased sales not just for the promoted brands, but the category as a whole.

Shoppers Have Also Said


Said “Likes” at the shelf would be helpful.


Said they would interact with The Like Machine®.


Would like a coupon on their phone after pushing “Like.”


Said The Like Machine® made them more likely to shop at that store.

Statistics and results per online consumer survey research conducted in 2016.
Start engaging where buying happens.


The more engagements, the more opportunity for conversation. Simple initial engagement means we hear the voices of ALL shoppers. For a deeper experience, shoppers have a greater voice through connectivity. Know who is buying AND have a tailored conversation with each of your shoppers.